Pros and Cons of Vacation Rentals in Miami

If you have not yet chosen to stay in a vacation rental over the traditional Miami lodging options, you must be a little curious.   The internet, business journals, magazines, local papers and even the nightly news are full of information and advertisements vacation rentals. In 2006, vacation rental management alone was a $10 billion dollar industry and since then their popularity has skyrocketed.

There are however pros and cons of vacation rentals in Miami. The advantages of choosing vacation rentals over typical Miami lodging hotels are pretty obvious; more space, privacy, full kitchen facilities and they save you money. However, vacation rentals are not for everyone and they can have some drawbacks.

Here's a quick look at the pros and cons of vacation rentals Miami lodging:

Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental

More Choices

More Amenities

More Privacy

More Space

Save Mone

On Sight Staff

Linens & Towels


No Maid Service


As you can see from the chart above, vacation rentals have many benefits over traditional hotels with only a few disadvantages. Although these pros and cons are common for a majority of the Miami lodging industry they do not apply to everyone There are many management companies and private owners that have the means to provide their rental vacation rental homes and condos with services and amenities that others can not. is a good example of a vacation rental management company where these disadvantages  do not apply. Our Miami lodging houses and condos are offered to our guests with  extra services and additional amenities. Read on to learn details of these pros and cons of vacation rentals in Miami listed above arelate to Miami Habitat and how we as a company go above and beyond.

Vacation Rentals Pros

More Miami Lodging Choices. Vacation rentals can range from discount Miami lodging studios to luxury waterfront villas. Whether you prefer an oceanfront condo or a Miami vacation home on the water with a private dock for your boat, chances are you can find a vacation rental that suits you needs.

Choose your Amenities. Some vacationers prefer a vacation condo in a busy resort style setting with a hot tub and Jacuzzi, while other travelers may prefer a secluded villa with private pool and outdoor grill. There are so many different types of vacation rentals being offered, the chances are you'll probably be able to find exactly what you are looking for.
Comfort and Privacy. Miami lodging homes and condos are privately owned and often found in quiet residential buildings and gated neighborhoods. Unlike hotels, you do not have 100 other guests under the same roof and there is no worry that excessive noise on the other side of the wall or in the hallway will keep you awake.  
More Room.   Vacation rentals have much more square footage per person than a traditional hotel.  The average room in a hotel is 300 square feet. Our Miami lodging condos start at 650 square feet and our vacation villas 2,500 square feet. Even if you're traveling with another couple or large group of friends, you'll have plenty of room.
Save Money. One of the biggest expenses you have during a vacation is your meals. Room service or eating out three meals a day can add up. With vacation rentals and a fully equipped kitchen you have the option to cook and eat "at home".  The money you save of food means the more you can spend on attractions and sightseeing.   

Vacation Rentals Cons

On Sight Staff.  When renting directly from an owner it will take time to resolve major or minor problems without a staff. BestMiamiLodging has a professional staff and a 24 hour maintenance team.

Linens and Towels. Some vacation rentals include linens and towels, while others, do not. Carrying these items could be an added burden especially if you are traveling be plane. BestMiamiLodging provides linens and towels with their vacation rentals.

Transportation. All of our Miami lodging apartments and condos are near public transportation, however most popints of interest are within walking distance. If you are staying in our North Miami Beach villas transportation will be necessary.

Maid Service. Vacation rentals usually don't offer maid service, however has a full staff of maids that work daily. For a small fee our guests may have additional maid services. 

Satisfaction. Appearances can be deceiving and what you see online may not be what you get. All of our pictures are accurate and up to date. However, if you are not satisfied we your Miami lodging choice we can move you to one of our other properties.


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