DECOBIKES: Miami Beach Bicycle Rentals

South Beach Vacation Rental Tips:

South Beach vacation rental tips help tourists find not only low-cost alternatives, but also some of the cities best kept secrets. DECOBIKES, a Miami Beach bicycle rentals  service, is a South Beach rental tip that is worth sharing. 
Parking is a hassle in the most popular parts of town, and typical bike rental stores are expensive. DECOBIKE has the solution with their new Miami Beach bicycle rental and share program. Their fleet of 1,000 bikes provides residents and tourists alike with a new way to travel through the city, run errands, or tour the art deco district of town.
No need to worry about theft, as with traditional bike rentals. With Decobike, simply return your bike to one of the hundred solar-powered Miami Beach bicycle rental stations across the city, then rent a new one for your return trip. Decobike is a green, healthy, and fun way to travel the city. Whether you are a resident or are staying at a South Beach vacation rental or hotel, DECOBIKE is surely the answer for you.


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