Lodging Near Miami Tennis Courts

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the nation and its professional player’s have earned celebrity status amongst the fans. Competitive tennis has become a big business and many of these pro-players are earning millions on and off the courts.  Men and women everywhere enjoy playing recreational tennis but it is an expensive sport for many.  In cities like Paris, London, New York and some popular resort destinations, tennis is particularly expensive.  It’s for this reason that people from these cities often choose South Florida and Miami tennis for their holidays.

Miami tennis is a popular with courts in almost every neighborhood. Miami tennis is inexpensive and players here don’t have to wait on a list for a court. With just a phone call locals and guests can reserve one of the many Miami tennis courts. Fees for these community courts are as low as $4 per person, per hour during the day and $6 per person during evenings. Many of the Miami clubs are open to guests too with court fess starting at $15 an hour.

Due to the high cost of Miami real estate very few hotels have tennis courts therefore not very convenient for those vacationers that want to play a game of tennis. Many of these vacationers are now choosing to spend their holidays in Miami lodging homes and condos. There are over 50 locations with more than 200 Miami tennis courts and there’s a court within walking distance to almost all of our Miami Beach vacation rentals. If you are an avid tennis player bring a racquet and plan to schedule a tennis game for a bit of fun during your Miami vacation.


Miami Lodging Homes and Villas near Tennis Courts

Biscayne Bay Tennis Center
3000 NE 151 Street
North Miami, FL 33181
6 Tennis Courts, Pro Shop

Arthur Snyder Tennis Center
16851 West Dixie Highway
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
18 Tennis Courts, $8 per person
(305) 919-0839

Sans Souci Tennis Center
1795 Sans Souci Boulevard
North Miami, FL 33181
13 Tennis Courts,$5.50 per hour

Bay Harbor Island Tennis Courts
1165 94th Street
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154
3 Tennis Courts
(305) 868-8223

Haulover Golf Course
10800 Collins Avenue
Bal Harbour, FL 33154
6 Tennis Courts, $6 per person
(305) 947-3525

Surfside Tennis Center
8750 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33154
3 Tennis Courts, $8 per hour

Oak Grove Park
690 NE 159th Street
Miami, FL 33162
4 Tennis Courts

North Shore Park
350 73rd Street
Miami Beach, FL 33141
12 Tennis Courts, $8 per hour

Provence - 2.2 miles away
Villa Oasis - 3.4 miles away
Paradise Villa - 1.6 miles away
Colonial Villa - 3.3 miles away
Hibiscus Villa - 3.6 miles away

Provence - 0.8 miles away
Paradise Villa - 1.6 miles away
Villa Oasis - 2.7 miles away
La Hacienda - 2.7miles away
Colonial Villa - 2.5 miles away
Hibiscus Villa - 2.6 miles away

Tropical Villa  - 0.4 miles away
Villa Oasis - 0.5 miles away
Paradise Villa - 0.8 miles away
La Hacienda - 1.0 miles away
Colonial Villa - 0.6miles away
Hibiscus Villa - 0.6 miles away

Provence -2.2 miles away
Villa Oasis - 2.0 miles away
Paradise Villa - 1.3miles away
La Hacienda - 2.3 miles away
Colonial Villa - 2.9. miles away
Hibiscus Villa - 2.8 miles away

Paradise Villa - 1.8 miles away
Provence - 3.1 miles away



Provence - 2.3 miles away



Provence - 2.7 miles away



Provence - 2.9 miles away

Miami Lodging Condos and Apartments near Tennis Courts

Flamingo Park Tennis Center    
12th Street & Michigan Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl 33139
19 Tennis Courts, $8 per person
(305) 365-2300

Palm Island Park
159 Palm Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl 33139
3 Tennis Courts, Call for prices

Polo Park
805 42nd Street
Miami Beach, Fl 33140
4 Tennis Courts, Call for prices


Fairway Park
200 Fairway Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33141
2 Tennis Courts, Call for prices

Casa Gaby - 0.4 miles away
L'Etoile - 0.5 miles away
Hispaniola House - 0.6 miles away
Court Yard - 0.4 miles away
Shelborne - 2.0 miles away
Mantell Tower - 1.9 miles away

Casa Gaby - 2.6 miles away
L'Etoile - 3.2 miles away
Hispaniola House - 3.3 miles away
Court Yard - 3.1 miles away


Casa Gaby - 3.0 miles away
L'Etoile - 2.9 miles away
Hispaniola House - 3.0 miles away
Court Yard - 2.8 miles away
Shelborne - 2.1 miles away
Mantell Tower - 1.5 miles away


L'Etoile - 6.2 miles away
Hispaniola House - 6.2 miles away
Shelborne - 6.1 miles away
Mantell Tower - 5.2 miles away


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